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Welcome to the World of Technical Solutions

R&I Management Consulting Ltd is a company that provides consultancy services for the Materials Engineering and Information Technology to all sectors of the industry. We help our customers to solve challenging material issues, improve productivity and simplify their business systems to increase their profits and efficiency.

Our company mission statement – “Support and Deliver viable solutions to our customers”

In today’s industry, there are various technical developments, and these come with different solutions that require understanding, analysis and support to become feasible realities.

We are there to enable these technical developments become realities for the various industries requiring materials and business analysis needs.

Please see the Case studies of typical work undertaken.

Sustainability is an area we are focusing at present and these can range from analysing the Chemistry of Polymers and their depolymerization to the supply of Biobased and Mass Balanced Plastics for various applications.
We work with the Institution of Materials (IoM3), WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and BBIA (British Biobased and Biodegradable Industries Association) in the UK and with other bodies dealing with Polymeric waste in Europe and USA.


Main areas focused on:

Materials Development – selection, concept, production and service

Lean manufacturing – product manufacturing efficiency

Project Management – organised, planned and timed methodologies

New Product Introduction (NPI) – using the seven-gate stage process to introduce new products

Continuous Process Improvements – provide customers with better cost saving and efficient ways of work. 

Sustainable materials – investigating possibilities of alternative grades that can be used to replace Hydrocarbon/Carbon based types

Adhesive solutions for all types of substrates. These can range from low surface energy to different types.

Information Technology

Main areas focused on:

Business Analysis – Business requirements for further success

Process streamlining – provide customers with better software options, cost saving and efficient ways of work

Project Management – organised, planned and timed methodologies

We provide materials consultancy by working “hands on” with the customers to solve their requirements. We are focused on customer requirements and have been involved with substantial work in Polymers; production, formulating, testing, adhesive bonding, specification approval and scrap reduction. Composite part development is a core area we have experience with. Other materials can include Carbon fibre, wood, textiles, glass and many others. Applications can range in most industries. Please enquire. We work with the customers on their premises, if required, maintain both companies confidentiality and are fully covered for public liability and personal indemnity insurance.

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