Food and Water sectors

The food sector requires to meet several regulations and we need to know that we get quality food at all times. The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) regulates these requirements. Every food manufacturer has to adhere to these and supply healthy food.
Manufacturers of process equipment that is used to manufacture this food need to meet this regulation as well. The CFR 21.177. 2600 for rubber and CFR 21.177.1550 are examples of standards that are used to control rubber and Fluoropolymers used in food applications.

Domestic water supplied into households needs to meet the “Potable water” regulations. Every country has their regulation guided by World health organization (WHO). Examples include WRAS in the UK, KTW in Germany, KIWA in Netherlands or NSF in the US.

We can help with formulation, contents and testing of the polymeric materials to ensure such compliance.

It is important that “Potable water” components comply with the required standards so that they can be used in applications and we can help you with this testing or formulating components that will comply with this requirement.


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