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This industry is large and covers a wide range of products. These can be metallic or non-metallic. Typical components include hoses, earthquake membranes, bridge bearings, rubberized roads, rigid and soft insulation and railway products.
We provide support in this area and guide you to ensure that all safety measures are covered. We can test components in all materials for compatibility with the media in question. This includes tests for Extractables and Leachables and the impact on the media by use of various ingredients in Polymeric and Non-metallic materials.

Standards include ASTM, BS and ISO.

We assist with material related issues in this area and we can provide some custom products to your requirements. The components can be Polymeric, alloys, composites or coatings.


Your project will be dealt with in complete confidentiality and will be project managed with full updates as required. We support our customers throughout the project.

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