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The automotive industry is highly regulated as well and several standards are applicable. These can be Institutional or manufacturer specific. Typical ones include VW, ASTM, ISO, BS, DIN and are used to enforce compliance.
Cellular and solid Rubber components are the core to sealing components and Hoses.
Plastics are used in most areas of the car and materials like wood, carbon fibre and decorative types are used in the interior parts. All materials have to be to be tested for conformity and performance over time.
Many manufacturers experience bonding issues when working with these materials and they need solutions. We are here to help solving these issues. We are in contact with well known and niche adhesive suppliers with a wide range of products and if required, we can customize the formulation with the manufacturer.

Other areas that car manufacturers are trying to improve are anti-creak properties and we can provide solutions for these requirements.

We can assist your company with selection of the right materials and testing in this sector to validate the performance or to find the root cause of failure.


Your project will be dealt with in complete confidentiality and will be project managed with full updates as required. We support our customers throughout the project.

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