This sector needs components that conform to set standards and regulations. The main standards are AS9100, AS9110, 9120, Airbus and Boeing. There are many others too. Examples include BS ISO 17025 for low temperature performance of Polymers, ISO ICS 83.140.40 for Hoses and AS 5127/1 for sealants.

From a development perspective, lightweight and high strength are essential for components operating in arduous conditions.

Typical components include laminates, alloy parts and lightweight cabin components. These components can be injection moulded, laminated, Resin Transfer moulded (RTM) or constructed. 3D manufacturing is rapidly growing to prototype components with prospects of production soon. Carbon-fibre composites, Thermoplastics, Thermosets and other non-metals are common for these whereas Elastomeric materials are common for use as sealing solutions.

We provide technical support, testing requirements and some products in this area.


We have the capability to mix compounds complying to all Elastomeric ABR (Airbus) and BMS (Boeing) specifications. Please enquire for more details

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